Incredible Customer Service

UCX Contact Center

Powerful contact center features, advanced real-time reporting, and work anywhere capability. Your agents can also provide faster and better customer service with our free Infinity One browser or client based IM, chat, and voice application.

Real Time Reporting

All managers and agents can view critical real-time stats of specific call center queues or view all queues

Historical Reporting

Manage contact center agents and calls with our professional historical and real-time reports

  • Real-time reporting
  • Skills-based routing
  • Scalable
  • Supports Virtual & Multi-Site Contact Centers
  • Support for remote agents
  • Multiple queue assignments for agents
  • Overflow queues and load balancing
  • Channel listen & whisper support
  • CTI Interface

Contact Center Management

Regardless of your Contact Center size, Supervisors can easily manage everything and everyonein real-time:

Unlimited Queues
In-office agents
Mobile agents
Home-based agents
Queue statistics
Individual agent statistics
Queue performance metrics

Remote Agents

Agents can work from anywhere, in the office, from home, or on the road.

And mobile or remote agents have access to all of the features and applications including Infinity One voice and chat, and Wallboard

Infinity 5000 & Infinity One Agent Communications

With our powerful Infinity portfolio everyone in your facility can stay in complete communication.

The portfolio provides Voice, Private Chat, Direct Messaging, and Wallboard for your Contact Center. Infinity One access is available via a browser with no S/W to install, or as an installable client. Your management & staff, and your agents can access the platform via their Desktop PC, Mac, Laptop.

Or your agents can use our Infinity 5000 telephone portfolio for communications.

Infinity One Soft Client - Your agents can use Infinity One communications including voice, IM / Chat and status via their desktop Windows or Mac device or their Windows or Mac laptop devices.

Infinity One

Browser or Client Communications in your office.

Infinity One

Browser or Client Communications when on the road or out of the office.

Infinity 5000 – Office Telephones - Your agents can use our Infinity 5000 series telephones in conjunction with the Infinity One application or as standalone devices.

Infinity 5010

Gigabit Color IP Phone
10 Buttons

Infinity 5006

Gigabit Color IP Phone
6 Buttons

Infinity 5046

Expansion Module
40 Buttons

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