Galaxy TDM Interfaces

DSM 16 – Digital Station Module

The UCX Digital Station Module allows reuse of Nortel/Avaya digital phones with a UCX Server. 

The current release specifically supports Norstar/BCM series phones and devices.  The DSM16 will be able to accommodate future software updates to extend the breadth of supported devices.  Support for Nortel Meridian/CS1000 digital phones is planned for an upcoming release. The same module will also support E-MetroTel's own digital phones that are planned for a future release.

The Norstar/BCM digital phones work with UCX Server through the Digital Station Module, keeping their original phone user interfaces and having extended Unified Communication feature capabilities from the UCX Server as appliance or Hosted from E-MetroTel Cloud.


  • Supports 16 digital telephones.
  • Can be networked with multiple DSM16 modules.
  • Works locally with UCX appliance or with Cloud Hosted.
  • RJ21 Connector for digital telephones.
  • RJ-45 LAN Connection.
  • Status Indicator LED.

Internal PRI / FXO

Galaxy TDM cards support standard based protocols including T1, E1, PRI, FXS, FXO. Galaxy cards seamlessly interconnect traditional PBX telephony system with Voice-over IP (VoIP) applications providing choice, flexibility and cost-effective solutions for small to large Enterprises. 


  • Internal cards for UCX appliance server.
  • 1 Span, 2 Span & 4 Span T1/E1/PRI Cards.
  • 4 Port & 8 Port FXOs.

Galaxy 100 FXS – 8P

Galaxy 100 FXS supports up to 8 analog devices including analog telephones, Fax machines, etc.


  • 8 analog devices.
  • LAN / WAN connectivity to UCX server.
  • Multiple Galaxy FXS can be connected to UCX server.

Galaxy PG1 SIP to Paging

E-Metrotel's Galaxy PG1 is a SIP to Paging and Video intercom device for use in various industry applications. The media stream transmission adopts standard IP/RTP/RTSP protocol, with the stability and sound quality of an IP phone. It has various functions and interfaces that include intercom, broadcast, video, security and recording. It can adapt to different application environments and is simple to install, making PG1 ideal for any business.


  • Camera - Standard RJ45 interface for security camera.
  • Ethernet - 10M/100M ethernet WAN port. PoE supported
  • Network LED - Indicates the network status, call status, registration status.
  • Volume Control - Volume adjustments depending on state of the device. 
  • Factory Reset - Restart and restore the factory settings.
  • Recording Output - External ports for recording devices or computer mic input.
  • Grounding Screw - Grounding screw for external devices. 
  • Speaker - External Amplified Speaker ports.
  • Headset - External panel speaker or headset ports. 
  • LED - External LED ports for registration, network and call status.
  • Function Key - External Function key ports for connecting buttons or door bells etc.
  • Microphone - External Microphone ports. 
  • Switch Input - External ports for alarm lights, electric locks and other similar equipment.
  • Switch Output - External ports for alarm lights, electric locks and other similar equipment. 
  • Power Input - 12V ~ 24V 2A input. 

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